Benefits of Independant Schools

Before choosing between a private and public school there are several factors you should keep in mind. Some differences between the two systems are obvious but deciding which the better option is entails shedding light on some of the distinctions many parents tend to ignore. Besides sixth form scholarships and good learning facilities, there are numerous benefits of taking your child to a private school.

Good for students

Private schools benefit students by fostering high achievement through academic excellence. Your child is educated within a value based setting preparing the youngsters for success in life. Consider taking your child to a private school if you want a caring, nurturing, challenging and safe environment for your child.

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Academic excellence

Private schools are known for the high standards they set for their students. They spark the desire to learn by engaging students in the learning process. Teachers expect nothing short of excellence from their students and student live up to those expectations. The high academic rigor and expectations help to account for high college-going rates and above average levels of student success.

High achievement

When it comes to challenging students to maximize their potentials, private schools do an exceptional job. Several studies have revealed that out of the high school students in both private and public schools who did their exams to proceed to college, those from private institutions boast a higher percentage of those who qualified to have the advanced courses count for college credit.

School safety

An orderly and safe setting is ideal for students to learn. This is precisely what private institutions offer. Data on school safety and discipline indicate private establishments to be much better than their public counterparts in this respect. In fact, findings on the indicators of crime and safety in schools reveal private schools to have less exposure of students and teachers to crime in private as compared to public schools.

Focus on values

The sad fact is that the current society is undergoing moral decadence as some of the most fundamental values are coming undone. This is where private institutions come in. With a strict focus on the essentials that provide purpose and meaning in life, private schools are able to provide youngsters a sound moral and religious education. Therefore, they play a huge role of assisting parents with the spiritual and religious development of their children, a sphere of development that is so essential for complete and proper upbringing of children.


The potential benefits of private schools mainly stem from their independence as they don't receive tax revenues. This means that they are not constrained by bureaucratic processes and stringent regulations that govern and even hinder public schools. Consequently, they are able to be specialized, offer differentiated learning, advanced curricula and or programs that are geared towards specific beliefs. With the mentioned benefits, it is easy to understand how your child could benefit from partial scholarships or even fully sponsored college education when you take him or her to a private school.