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Find The Course To Fit Your Life

If you have considered obtaining your Real Estate License, you are also looking how to fit the required hours of education into your busy schedule.

Many adults going back to school are currently working and cannot leave their present job to pursue their dream. Have not fear, many Real Estate Schools offer classroom instruction traditionally during the day, in the evenings, and weekends.  You may also find that online education works best for you.  To make the decision to go back to school for anything, is a huge life changing decision, you want to educate yourself on what Real Estate School will best fit your needs.

In Class Instruction Vs. Online Instruction

Your first decision will be how you will obtain your pre-licensing hours.  You have the option of online real estate classes or in person.  Much have been written on the benifits of online vs. in class courses for obtaining a real estate license.  One benefit of the traditional classroom setting is having peer groups to study with.  Also having instructors, in real time, that you can simply raise your hand and ask a question to, may be something that draws you to a more traditional aonline real estate schoolapproach to learning.  Many Real Estate Schools will also offer tutoring, computer labs and guided practice tests available to you as an in-class student.  Another plus, you will find that the bonds formed in the classroom will go on through your career in Real Estate.  Some of you will decide to work for the same brokerages, or depending on the size of the Real Estate Board you will be joining, you will be involved in co-op sales with familiar faces.


On-line education has become very popular with millennials and older adults going back to school.  You can turn on the television any given, day at any given hour, and see advertisements for degrees obtained online.  Real Estate is no exception.  Many of the same Real Estate Schools that offer in class education, also offer the pre-licensing courses in an online setting.  The benefits of online education is that you can take the course from home, or anyplace with an internet connection.  You can email instructors with questions, and receive prompt responses, but you will be responsible for staying on task, and on schedule with your education yourself.  The online courses will come with real estate classes onlinequizzes and exams that you must pass before moving on to the next subject.  Most online Real Estate Schools do have online quizzes that offer the correct answers and the reasons why, after you complete the quiz.  You can go back and take the quizzes over and over again, until you feel comfortable enough with the knowledge to take the chapter exam.

Ask For References

A great tool to choosing a Real Estate School is to interview with local Brokerages and see which schools they recommend.  Many may even reimburse you if they have an agreement with a specific Real Estate School, as long as you agree to have them hold your license, and sell for that Brokerage. Speak with other agents, visit social media forums, and you are sure to get great references on Real Estate Schools that will fit your needs.

Either way you choose to obtain your pre-licensing hours, you will need to contact your local Association of Realtors to pay your fees, pass a criminal background check and schedule your State and National Testing. More information can be found at The National Association of Realtors (NAR) website.

Remember, anything worth having is worth working hard for.  A Real Estate License is no exception.  You will embark on a career with no ceiling on earning potential, growth and the ability to be your own boss.  Be wise, select a reputable Real Estate School, and you won’t be disappointed as you work towards your new career.