back bay brownstones

Back Bay Brownstones

Back Bay Brownstones for Sale in the Greater Boston Area


Brownstones are townhomes built at the turn of the century and found in the New York City and Boston areas. These lavish and elegant properties can also be found across New England and other urban areas. Known for their reddish-brownish brick exteriors, Boston brownstones offer a combination of fine home and apartment living. These units are considered row houses – and are constructed from brownstone and other durable materials. Each brownstone townhome features shared walls and a uniform outside appearance. They are almost always multiple stories tall – but rarely go higher than four stories. Brownstones also have flat roofs – which may or may not include gardens and decks. The property line for most brownstones usually goes up as close to the street as well.


Back Bay Brownstones in Boston


Back Bay Brownstones in Boston continue to soar in popularity. In fact, these neighborhoods are some of the most desirable areas across the nation. With traditional and vintage to contemporary doors, Boston Brownstones feature unique architectural elements and highly visible windows. Nearly all Boston brownstones also have cozy fireplaces, spacious closets and ample leg and storage room. These units also offer more room than average urban apartments – and give you the feeling of actually living in a house. While a townhome in nature, brownstones are equipped with all the latest technologies as well. This includes but is not limited to:


  • Wi-Fi access and areas for large LCD- LED TVs and entertainment centers.
  • Many different flooring options – traditional wood like Elm, Oak, and Pine to vinyl, acetate and hardwood parquet floors.
  • Spacious bedrooms, living rooms, formal rooms, dens and even a central attic. Most also have basements in Northeast areas.
  • Cozy fireplaces, modern kitchens, smart appliances, and all the amenities of living in a contemporary Boston apartment or suburban home.


Back Bay Brownstones on the Market


You can find a Back Bay Brownstone for sale simply by contacting local real-estate agents. With years of extensive industry experience, these professionals can connect you with a range of available brownstones for sale in the Back Bay – and adjacent neighborhoods. Boston Brownstones are truly cosmopolitan, upscale and aesthetically-pleasing. They are also in close proximity to transportation, shopping, school and dining venues. In fact, some historic brownstones in Boston date back over 150 years!  Here are some more benefits of opting to buy a brownstone in the Back Bay area:


  • Brownstones are resilient, sturdy, and designed to last for years and generations to come.
  • Due to their strong brownstone materials – they are designed to withstand inclement weather – but upkeep is still important for exteriors and interiors. This may include yearly cleaning, power washing, etc.
  • Brownstones are not like regular apartments, condos or co-ops – in that they do not involve property associations or higher authorities you have to deal with daily.
  • Boston Back Bay Brownstones do require upkeep – but these units are in expensive, high-end neighborhoods that are affluent and well-protected.
  • Based on how new or old your brownstone is – you may need to check historic preservation rules pertaining to brownstone brick or material erosion and rooftops. This allows you to maintain your brownstones as you see fit – but in uniformity and consistency with the other brownstones your unit is connected with.

The Benefits of Investing in Brownstones


If you are looking for a new home or apartment, why not purchase a unit that has offers the benefits of both? Back Bay Brownstones are some of the most highly sought after properties in the Greater Boston area. In fact, investors from all over the country have purchased available units in the growing and luxurious Back Bay area. With a brownstone – townhome, you never have to worry about home association fees, condo fees, lawn maintenance (unless you have a garden on the roof), patio and deck maintenance (unless these structures are on the roof), etc. Similarly, you do not have to pay rent each month for Boston-area apartments, condos and other units.


Back Bay Brownstones truly offer the best in home and apartment living. From fireplaces and contemporary kitchens to spacious rooms and closets – there are so many benefits of investing in brownstones as opposed to regular homes or apartments. For more information, contact your local real estate agent today.

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